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Let other people pay $8,000+ to fly Business class.
We will get you flying flat for $2,500/ticket.

A start search fee of $9.90 is payable in this form to ensure we are only working on genuine ready-to-book requests*.
Info you'll need for this form?
Your travel plans / Destination / Dates / # Passengers / Class / # Frequent flyer points / # Credit card points / etc...

It is ok if you don't have everything - we can grab the missing bits later.

*We don't make money on this fee.  This ensures we are working on real bookings and not random queries.
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iFLYflat turns your points into business class trips.

How the booking process works?

Finding the limited frequent flyer points business class seats is difficult & complex, it is like 'fishing'. The seats come and go quickly, and you need to know how best to find them.

Step 1) You provide Travel details:
dates, destinations, # of passengers etc

Step 2) You provide:
# of frequent flyer points,
# of credit card points,
(please provide exact card names as every card is different)

Step 3) We will review whether or not you have sufficient points and then calculate the best ways to help you fly.

At the end of this form - use your credit card to pay the search start fee of AUD$9.90

*Final booking fees are payable when we find the flight,  if we don't  - the only fee you pay is $9.90.


We will commence searching for your seats, and provide you a daily update on the flight options.

Step 4) Typically we have an 80% success rate in booking flights, (Timeframe of booking is usually between 1 and 4 weeks from starting)

Flight options will be emailed to you for consideration.
Some days we won't find them, other days we will.

Once we agree on the right flights, we will book them for you.

Step 5) If needed, We will advise to transfer additional points from your credit card (points usually take 1 - 3 business days to arrive)

Step 6) At booking - We log into your frequent flyer account to book on your behalf (like your EA) - At the end of this form we will collect your authorisation. 

Step 7) At booking - We pay the taxes with our credit cards (ensures your credit card details are always kept secure).

8) Final fees invoiced to you for prompt payment.

9) Finished

Why use iFLYflat?

Experience - Our team have booked over 3,250 flights for hundreds of clients, using different combinations of frequent flyer and and credit card points

Knowledge - We know the best and most efficient ways to use the right points for your destinations.

Dedication - Our team is continuously searching for you. A service you won't find anywhere else.

Note: We cannot help with economy to business upgrades - that process is fully handled by the airline.
Pricing using your points (per passenger):

Australia (to/from) ALL DESTINATIONS (beyond ASIA)
Flat fee Business class:
One-way = $1,250, Round-trip = $2,500

Australia (to/from) ASIA**
Flat fee Business class:
One-way = $750, Round-trip = $1,500

Flat-fee pricing includes iFLYflat booking fees, airline fees and airport taxes.

Emirates surcharge: Unfortunately, If the flights are with Emirates there is a surcharge of an additional $400 pp each way, due to their high taxes and fuel surcharges. We will continue to monitor their fees. Where possible we will present alternative flight options to avoid this.

Different prices apply for First class, Prem Economy, Economy bookings, and for Overseas to Overseas bookings that don't start or end in Australia.

**Asia means:  Japan,  Korea, Brunei,  Cambodia,  China,  Hong Kong,  Indonesia,  Malaysia,  Myanmar,  Philippines,  Singapore,  Taiwan,  Thailand,  Vietnam.









- Once booked, unfortunately, iFLYflat booking fees are not refundable as the work has been done.
- The points are redeposited back into your account.

- Like cancellations, the work has been done, but rather than charge you a new fee - we offer a reduced fee for changes.

- $250 per change, per one-way/person
(ie: 2 passengers = $500/per one-way change).

Our business is built on trust.

You are engaging iFLYflat to commence a custom search to find points flights for your preferred dates.

The flights found may also be publically bookable. Our costs are in finding them whereever they are.

In the past, some ex-clients have used our hard work to find the flights, and secretly booked it themselves.

Note: Flights discovered that are booked in this dishonest way will be cancelled without warning on the day prior to departure.

Let's start, with some of your details:

Note: This booking form is for flight bookings, not for general enquiries.
If you have an enquiry, please email steve.hui@iflyflat.com.au or call 02 9258-1115
Hi there! What's your First Name?

Last Name?

And mobile or best contact number *

0403 xxx xxx etc
Your travel booking request:

Flight search request - List your travel.

Write free-form and we will read it to work out what you want. *

Remember to include the following details:
Number of passengers (include children/age):
Passenger names:
Class of travel:

Departure/Return dates:
(include any flexibility in dates or destinations)
Please provide your most recent frequent flyer and credit card points balances:

This information helps us work out which airlines work best for your travel destinations, and if you have enough points to fly.
AIRLINE POINTS - List the airline and how many points.

(Please list down all relevant points, including your partner & kids)

Qantas / Singapore / Virgin Velocity / Cathay Pacific / Emirates / Etihad / Others...
CREDIT CARD POINTS - List your exact card name and number of points:

Please give the full name: eg: AMEX Platinum Charge Card, not just AMEX card. 
A Westpac AMEX card is different to an AMEX-issued AMEX card.
*Not right now, but in the next few days, we will need from you:

A) Passenger passports *
Tip: Use your smartphone to take a photo of it.

B) Your frequent flyer membership # and passwords.

Having this information to hand allows us to book your seat straight away.
With seats changing very fast, any delays could result in losing your booking to someone else.
Other notes?
+ did someone refer you to iFLYflat?

(Skip - if none)
We charge a nominal $9.90 to start searching *

We don't make money on this fee, this is to ensure we get genuine ready-to-book requests. All credit cards are accepted.
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Authorisation for iFLYflat to access my frequent flyer memberships and book points flights.

1) I hereby authorise iFLYflat Pty Ltd to act as my points flight booking concierge, with authority to access my travel loyalty accounts and redeem/book flights on my behalf whenever I engage iFLYflat to do so.

2) I understand this is an engagement of iFLYflat services to guide me on the best use of my points and to find frequent flyer seats.

3) I understand the fee is still payable if I use the flight information that iFLYflat found to book myself for any reason. (No fee is due if you book your own flights outside of an iFLYflat search engagement)

4) I authorise iFLYflat Pty Ltd to invoice me, or charge my nominated credit card for services, reimbursements of ticket taxes/fees paid on my behalf, and other amounts as agreed.

By continuing, I acknowledge that I agree with the standard https://www.iflyflat.com.au/s/iFLYflat-Terms-and-Conditions.pdf * < (click to open), and the standard https://www.iflyflat.com.au/s/iFLYflat-Privacy-Policy.pdf  < (click to open).

A link to these policies will be emailed to you, along with the details of your flight search request.

*All done - two more buttons - press CONTINUE then SUBMIT.
Final question: Was this form easy to use?

We need to collect a lot of information to understand how best to help you.
We are always striving for improvement.
Thank you!

Please note: Seats change all the time - our team will be searching every day (Mon-Fri) and you will begin to hear from us.

Now lie back, we will find the best points seats for you.
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